Rock en seine

I filmed and edited 1 film per day during all the festival. Those best of highlight the best moments of the day. The festival used the films to promote their event on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram). Here are the 3 films i created during the festival.


Facebook Summer Camp I managed the social media account of Facebook France during Facebook Summer Camp Event. I took picture, insta 360 photos and video within a few hours. Then I published them directly on Facebook Story. Here are a few snap from the story. Facebook Summer Camp Film

Fuumi restaurant

Instragram Communication I filmed and edited a few instagram videos for Fuumi Restaurant to show all the recipes and illustrate the vibes of the restaurant. Voir cette publication sur Instagram Le bowl By Fuumi 💕 #paris #fuumi #france #love #fuumisushiburrito #vistima by @theotimemassard 😍 Une publication partagée par Sushi-burrito•Bowl•Sushi-tacos (@fuumisushiburrito) le 2 Mai 2019 à…

Malakoff Mederic

Facebook Communication at Rock en Seine I filmed and edited this film in one day to promote the handicap access on Rock en Seine Festival. Malakoff Mederic shared the video on facebook, the festival Rock en Seine used it also to promote this access with his facebook community.